Music Marketer - Phantom Grey on Black Hoodie

Singer - Sunlit Green on Black Tee

Customised name - Reverb Blue on Navy Hoodie

Rebecca Smart Bakken

Rebecca Smart Bakken - Our first 'Women in Music' interview - Photography by Ryan Koriya

Women In Music Apparel

The year 2020 is well underway and being International women's day, we are very excited to introduce our new 'Women in Music' apparel range. This will allow you to order your own customised hoodie or t-shirt that shows your job title within the music industry and with the option of having your own name on the back too.

Our clothing range celebrates women in the music industry so they can inspire other women and female students to also aspire to become future female Music Producers, Music Managers, Artists, Orchestra Conductors, Film Composers, Rock Drummers, Music Photographers, Songwriters, Studio Engineers, Gaming Software Engineers, Music Therapists, Mastering Engineers, Music Supervisors, Record Label Executives, Music Business Owners and so many, many more 🌟

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Rebecca Smart Bakken is a Music Marketer in Ibiza, Spain