I See Hearts

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I See Hearts creates what he simply calls

'Passion Folk' 

An emotive raspy voice that sounds like its owner has been broken and glued back together a million times over

Sharing tales of heartbreak, wanderlust, mind-space travel to a loved one and introspective songs all dressed in heart-piercing cinematic strings and possessed acoustic guitars

Check out one of the demo lyric videos below to hear one of his upcoming heart-wrenching laments called...

'Drive Into The Storm'

This is definitely for fans of Damien Rice, Bon Iver, Ben Howard, Radiohead, Early Coldplay, Stephen Fretwell, Angus and Julia Stone, Scott Matthews, Matt Corby and Michael Kiwanuka


You Get To Choose The Debut 'I See Hearts' Single


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Yes, You!

You can choose which song the world gets to hear first by telling us your favourite song out of 3 raw demos we have provided for you 

Cast your vote for the leading single now by clicking here 

Simply vote by placing your chosen song number and once the winner is announced, it will be studio time!

You get to influence how the world first meets this artist.
The winning song will be recorded in the studio and released as the global debut!
How cool is that?!

Ryan Koriya

Ryan Koriya Walk With Pride Lions

An accomplished musician, singer, instrumentalist and composer, Ryan Koriya will be composing songs for Film and TV spanning many genres including Classical, Folk, Acoustic, A Capella, Rock, Pop, Electronic, Dance, Reggae, Instrumental, World, African, Ethnic, Soul and so on

We are preparing to release his first Volume of work that includes a popular Lion King-esque gem called Walk With Pride that people the world over have been asking for outside of the film project for which it was composed

Volume One will also see Ryan singing in Shona which is a native tongue of his home country Zimbabwe

Official RK Website



Our third signing is the one we are super excited about and will be a genre-defining debut.

This Pop Powerhouse will be creating what we call Symphonic Dance Music / Passion Pop.

Think Pop, Dance, Ethnic, Tribal, Classical and who knows what else, all stirred into one sonic fest that will also be debuting soon...

Visit KYLLO's website to get your little sonic gift


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We have a lovely feelgood track to gift you for being an early member of our exciting new label and artist hub community.
Just let us know in the box below where to send you some Summer sunshine vibes in the form of a Neo-Reggae tune called 'Who Am I?'

If you're not all fluffy and smiling inside by the end then we'll be very surprised!
We love this tune! It will be released on the upcoming Ryan Koriya album but you're getting it first!
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