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If you work in film and media, you know how hectic it is to find the right music to support your beautifully created visuals without detracting from them but better still, adding even more fuel to the emotional rocket ship your viewers will latch onto 🚀✨

What if you could have the exact musical moments you need to fit the frame, with the right tempo, in the perfect key and complementary sonic colours?

Cinematic Strings Sample Video

Be sure to listen on good speakers or headphones to experience the full sonic range!

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Ryan mainly uses Hans Zimmer Strings sample pack featuring 344 musicians captured by Hans live at London's Air studios using state-of-the-art recording techniques to encompass versatile playing styles.

As well as having a back catalogue, Ryan is also available to compose and create new original soundtracks to a music supervisor's requirements across other contemporary musical genres. 

Examples: Classical, Folk, Acoustic, A Capella, Rock, Pop, Electronic, Dance, Reggae, Instrumental, World, African, Ethnic, Soul etc

All this comes with a quick turnaround and easy changes to suit your needs as your film edit develops while the music license is being conveniently cleared by a single 'Master and Publishing' proprietor. 

Ryan created the track above from scratch, all in one day and called it quite aptly... Run For Your Life!

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This song (which is also available for licensing), was composed according to a request for action, cinematic strings, with tension building and a climactic ending. 

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Composed, performed, arranged and produced by Ryan Koriya.

Masters and Publishing owned by Ryan Koriya

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