Runway Vertical Marketing is the media and marketing wing for Runway Vertical Records.

We do Digital Marketing and Branding for different entities, ranging from musicians, artists, non musical entrepreneurs to companies in health and beauty, education, retail, food and more...

The business arena across all industries has changed immensely over the past few years, and continues to do so. The internet has become a global freeway that people just cannot afford to ignore or not plug into. It is also extremely crowded which can be very frustrating. 

As a digital marketing, social media and branding consultant, I enjoy helping entrepreneurs decipher the codes, allowing them to achieve their idea of next level success.  

I also help businesses create an online model if they don't currently have a way to earn digitally. This includes businesses such as handmade craft sellers who only sell direct to customers from shops or market stalls. You can also turn such a business into a digital income stream.  

There are locked doors standing in the way of many entrepreneurs in today’s digital maze. 

My job as a consultant is to cut them a unique skeleton key that opens such doors and empowers business owners, as they begin seeing results in areas they’ve been stuck in for years. 

Ryan Koriya 


Close up of a red ferrari

Did you know that social media in 2020 is like having a Ferrari parked outside your business! 

Fast, powerful, technologically advanced and more importantly, able to transport you and your business to very far off places and at incredible speeds. 

The main problem with having such power, is knowing how to use it. Some people are not even using it at all.

Small businesses often say facebook, instagram and social media doesn't work for them, even when they boost posts (which you shouldn't do anyway) with a bit of cash, but once you get a few driving lessons, it's a whole different story!