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Marketing and Branding Consulting for Creatives and Wellness Professionals

It isn't just about branding or marketing but also about gaining valuable new insights and receiving actionable guidance with regards to your overall business strategies.

If you are stuck or are not sure what to do next, you've come to the right place.

"Every so often you meet someone who touches something inside you that no one else has connected with before. That’s what happened when I met Ryan Koriya. 

I’ve been self employed for over 20 years and for the entire time I have shied away from marketing because I hated it, which is a bit of a problem if you want to pay your bills. But all that has changed now thanks to Ryan. His approach to marketing is completely different, it’s a journey, a quest to uncover what is going on in relation to your soul and to then give you the tools to share your discoveries with the world.  

Thanks Ryan for your patience and your guidance, you offer a very special gift to the world."

- Catherine | Shaman + Soul Reader (Italy)

Ryan Koriya aka The Soul Mechanic is an affordable marketing and branding consultant, not limited to, but especially for creatives and wellness professionals.


"I help people who help people, to find their people who are looking for help"


Ryan helps supercharge online business for what he calls the soul mechanic, the person who helps people. Those who assist others in need either mentally, physically, spiritually or emotionally. These soul soothers are usually professionals such as musicians, visual artists, wellness entrepreneurs/companies, in fields such as teaching, yoga, energy healing, shamanic work, ecstatic dance, colour therapy, sound healing and more...


Are you unsure of how to describe what it is that you offer? 

We often get too close to who we are to be objective, especially if we are the product itself. It is incredibly powerful to have someone reflect your true essence back at you. When you find the right words to use while presenting yourself to the world, the world starts to respond accordingly and mirrors your output. 


Video Testimonial

Marketing consulting applies to pretty much any industry, as creating a natural pathway between a business and its ideal clients or customers is a universal paradigm.

Here's a recent client from Canada talking about their Branding and Marketing Supercharge with Runway Vertical...

"Runway Vertical has helped us identify our storefront. To have people coming in and getting curious about what we’re doing at Music Fit Collective: @WeAreMusicFit

If you’re an artist and a performer and you’re wondering...

How do I get my brand out there?

How do I supercharge?

Who am I?...

All those inner questions…

He’s going to shake it up for you.

We cleaned house…

Thankful that we did!"

Oh, what do Monkeys, The Ocean and Hot Pink have to do with anything? There’s only one way to find out!

- Mike Schwartz | Music Fit Collective (Canada)

Are You Stuck?

Are you struggling to find new clients?

Discover ways to attract new customers using the power of the AI-driven digital world of social media, especially if you feel like running the other way instead. 

"I need a new website and a logo and a pixel thingy majig?!"

Perhaps you are still at the "I need a new website and logo" phase of your new or recently upgraded business. This is the best time to speak to a consultant who can help save you a lot of time and money. This is a commonly over-looked stage which can lead to a badly-chosen brand name, meaning you have to go back and buy another website to correct it and get a new logo made! Ouch!

Ryan's special branding package is the solution to any fog around your new ideas that needs to be cleared so that you get up and running months or years before you would, trying to figure it out in the cloud of contradictory noise that's out there.

Are you struggling to find the perfect name for your brand? 

Ryan's powerful branding process allows his clients to define or redefine who they really are, and what they are selling. When asked, it is surprisingly common for creatives to struggle giving a simple and accurate description of what it is they do. If you can't describe it to an intrigued stranger, how can you expect them to want to pay you for it? This work often requires delving into self discovery to find your authentic business persona which helps you learn how to create content that is in line with your riveting new self descriptor.  

Hang On! Marketing can be authentic, non aggressive and fun?!  

Yes, marketing, the often perceived as 'icky' word by creatives, can be something enjoyable to engage with. It's not about stiff board meetings and heartless tactics to persuade unsuspecting folks, but more about having fun being your true self and attracting the right people in search of your particular kind of vibe. 

"Your vibe creates your tribe."

Ryan’s been an integral part of our set up over the past year, helping us to realise our vision of re-launching and creating our brand as music artists. To understand our style, image and who our fan base (customers) are, whilst also evolving and developing within our specific industry. To help us start making tracks towards our goals. 

The music industry in particular has changed massively over the last few years, with the latest digital trends. Ryan has helped and taught us about how to harness these, alongside the latest online digital platforms and social media, to get the best results out of them for us. 

It has also been important for us to learn how to empower ourselves with this new knowledge and these skills, and be able to do it ourselves. Something Ryan is great at - teaching you that you can understand and do this, whatever age/generation you’re from. You don’t need to pay a 20 year old wiz kid to do it for you! 

You probably have a bunch of ideas, visions and goals swirling around your head:  Ryan will help you shape these into something tangible and attainable!

James Hennin of Major DeRangés | Electronic Musicians (Spain + UK)

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