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 Artists and Music Producers know how powerful strings can be when added to the mix of an already great recording.
One of our favourite examples is Metallica's S&M version of Nothing Else Matters.


What a classic goose bump fest! ?

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Welcome to the place where you can get your tracks injected with affordable high quality strings. 

Simply send us the songs needing treatment and our composer will create an arrangement to your needs and deliver the stems to you.
We can also mix the strings into your track like the example video below, if needed.

Then sit back and watch your listeners clutch their chests as they grapple with their own heart strings, and hopefully press that replay button again and again.

This is true across all genres, especially Pop, Rock, Folk, Acoustic, Blues, Hip Hop, Rap, Reggae, R&B, Soul and of course, EDM!

Strings Magic For Artists

Ryan plays live and also mainly uses the Hans Zimmer Strings sample pack featuring 344 musicians captured by Hans live at London's Air studios using state-of-the-art recording techniques to encompass versatile playing styles.

Click on the video below to see how well Ryan's magic works on this great track by the talented Dylan Dunlap from LA.

Be sure to listen on good speakers or headphones to experience the full sonic range!

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Potent music that listeners get addicted to is music that makes them feel strong emotions.
One sure-fire way to make their hairs stand on end is through the sound of well-performed and well-arranged string instruments. 

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Ryan Koriya is a classically-trained musician himself, who started playing violin at the age of 13 and soon won a full scholarship to attend the National Conservatory for both Violin and Cello. 

All this comes with a quick turnaround and easy edits to suit your needs. 

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