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Ryan Koriya - Runway Vertical CEO - Music Consultant

Runway Vertical is not only a record label but is also an artist development hub.

We have a small select group of artists from all over the world who are being coached as label interns by shadowing the RV founder and CEO as he runs the label day to day.

RV founder Ryan Koriya is a well-travelled, accomplished musician, singer-songwriter and producer who is also a music industry consultant.
He is available for one-on-one sessions and masterclasses. There are limited slots of these per month.  

Video Chat Capture of Runway Vertical Masterclass for Lyonne in Denmark

Consulting Session

For a limited number of people each month, it is possible to book a Supercharge Consulting Session.
The value that you get out of your 90 minute session will be multiples more in terms of your career progression and the time you will save from having up-to-date information to help you overcome whatever is currently stifling your music career in today's modern market.

Read what some of Ryan's clients have to say below...

Email to find out more about booking a free 15 minute assessment. 

Client Reviews

Ryan absolutely knows what he's doing!
I was having a long-time issue with my social media and he was extremely helpful in successfully fixing it.
Never once did I hear the dreaded words "sorry it looks like we have to wipe it clean."
Very knowledgeable about technical stuff and a fantastic resource for independent musicians!

(Artist - Chicago USA)

--- --- ---

Ryan is young but so knowledgeable. His understanding of navigating the industry for the indie artist is spot on. He has a great ear for music and what works.
Runaway Vertical Records is going to make waves!

 Divine Celiane
(Artist - California USA)

 --- --- ---

Ryan is THE go-to guy for social media marketing. His knowledge of FB ads and how to use them correctly to create a loyal fab base in the right way was remarkable!
I was truly impressed by his fresh approach to explaining the step by step correct way to do this! His charismatic personality and delivery is what made the information stick! 

He's achieving some remarkable things and I hope to work with him in the near future! 

Truly grateful for the knowledge you shared Ryan! 

Thanks ?

Alice Hollywood 
(Artist - UK/Spain)

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