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This is RV 1 testing systems optics. Do you copy? Over!

This is RV 1 testing systems optics. Do you copy? Over!

Runway Vertical is an independent record label based in Ibiza Spain.

We currently have three new signings that we are very excited to reveal to you below.

One makes Passion Folk and one makes Passion Pop. The third signing is an Original Film Soundtrack Composer who will be releasing his album 'Original Soundtracks Volume One' on  our label soon. This will include songs that encompass Afro House, World Music and even Classical to name a few. His Netflix film original film score for Cook Off is out now.

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We believe in diversity here at Runway Vertical so each sonic flight could take you to any corner of the music galaxy with similar DNA running through all of it.

Be sure to also follow all the social media profiles we've listed below so you can see what we're cooking up and where you can influence our art on your favourite social media platforms.

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Branding + Marketing Podcast for Creatives Hosted by Ryan Koriya

Branding + Marketing Podcast for Creatives Hosted by Ryan Koriya

The Process Podcast by Q DeRhino and Ryan Koriya - True Ibiza Stories

The Process podcast - Hosted by Q deRhino and Ryan Koriya

Space Mixtape

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We have a lovely feelgood track to gift you for being an early member of our exciting new label and artist hub community.
Just let us know in the box below where to send you some Summer sunshine vibes in the form of a Neo-Reggae tune called 'Who Am I?'

If you're not all fluffy and smiling inside by the end then we'll be very surprised!
We love this tune! It will be released on the upcoming Ryan Koriya album but you're getting it first!
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