"The fastest way to get to where you want to be, is to call the destination and ask for directions."

Supercharge Consulting Combo

Congratulations on choosing a Supercharge Consulting Combo. 

As discussed, this comprises of two separate online video consultation sessions... 

  • One 90 Minute Session 
  • One 30 Minute Follow-Up Session 

Paid in advance, the value that you get out of your 120 minute supercharge consultation will be multiples more in terms of your career progression and the time you will save from having actionable strategies or up-to-date information to help you overcome whatever is currently stifling your business career in today's super quick, modern digitised market. 

It is advisable to prepare what you would like to focus on during your session and to send in your questions in advance. This is not necessary however, and the sessions are packed with value. 

This usually includes mindset coaching which is why there is a follow-up session, so you can take time to let it all sink in, take action and come back with more questions that are likely to pop up as you take your newfound Jedi tools for a spin around the internet aka Modern Matrix.

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